Which online casino should you play at?

Casino Coupons is an online portal for the best real money online casinos. We list, review and explain the best online casinos, free bonuses and games for Japanese players just like you. Here at icasinocoupons.com our team visits, compares and reviews every aspect of a website to provide honest and unbiased information for players across Japan.

We believe that every casino player is different, has different needs and different concerns, from which online casino is the safest for payment, which are legal, who has the fastest payouts, the best games or simply which is the online casino with best bonuses. Whether you are an experienced or new player, enjoy the entertainment or want to make money, we will show you the right online casino for your needs.

What is the best Japanese online casino?

The gaming industry is constantly changing and evolving. Despite this, we play, test and review all the online casinos in Japanese because we want to be able to recommend the best Japanese online casino to you.

We believe that casino coupons is the best place for a Japanese player to learn where to play their favourite games and find the answers to all these questions. If you don’t find the answer you need on this site, send it to us and we will get our team working to get you the best answer.

How do we review each website?

It is important for you to know that at icasinocoupons.com we take casino rankings and reviews very seriously. We do rigorous research based on many criteria through a network of scouts that includes industry professionals and real casino players. Our scouts find real money casinos, deposit money and play games for real money. They would also perform tasks such as contact the support team, withdraw real money and learn about things like Loyalty Programs and Casino Rewards. Once they have done this they would send us their reports along with screenshots for verification.

Send us an email on info@icasinocoupons.com if you would like to become a casino scout and benefit from secret bonuses.

Which online casinos are legal?

The good news is that Casino Coupons will only list casino’s that are legitimate and legal and are not illegal in your country. So, just to make it perfectly clear, any real money casino we suggest on this site is legal and real and can be played in Tokyo, Osaka or a casino near you in Japan. Our goal is to ensure that you never need to think about this concern and can play safely.

What are your favourite casino games?

Everyone has their favourite type of game. The founder of this site loves to play slots, but amongst the technical team we love blackjack and roulette as well. Whichever game you prefer, we have reviews and comparisons of websites for you.

Some people prefer to play their favourite games online, but in recent years the live casino experience has moved online and has quickly become very popular. Being able to interact with a dealer or croupier from your own home is a great experience. This is a different experience to visiting an actual casino and since the nearest one might not be close to your home, this is an easier way to have the same fun.

Which casino has the fastest payouts?

We all know the frustration of winning big and having to wait to get our winnings. This one is simple, when you win real money you want to withdraw your money as fast as possible. Each casino would generally offer different methods of banking and currencies and each one would have different withdrawal timings. These may range from standard credit cards to e-money/e-wallet service and bank transfer. For this we have more extensive lists.

What are online casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are often given to new players when they first sign up and join a website. They may also be called a Welcome Bonus. These bonuses are one of the features that we investigate and compare when we review a website.

Some companies also offer ongoing bonuses, such as free spins, to existing players. These are usually offered by email. These offers and bonuses are much harder for us to review because they are often emailed out and will only be valid for one or two days. For this reason, we can only review the biggest and best bonus or free spin offers.

Which Casinos are currently being reviewed?

We are excited to announce that we are currently reviewing our first casino, Cherry Casino!

In the meantime, remember that if you want to become a reviewer on this project you can send us an email on; info@icasinocoupons.com

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